Issue 2014

Do Machines Have Rights? Ethics in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Paul Kellogg
Athabasca University
Published February 12, 2014


Dr. David Gunkel Currently holds the position of Presidential Teaching Professor in the Department of Communication at Northern Illinois University, where he develops and teaches courses in web design and programming, information and communication technology (ICT), and cyberculture. His research and publications examine the philosophical assumptions and ethical consequences of ICT. He has published four books. He lectures and delivers award-winning papers throughout North America and Europe and he serves as the managing editor of the International Journal of Žižek Studies. His teaching has been recognized with numerous awards, including NIU's Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award (EUTA) in 2006 and the Presidential Teaching Professorship in 2009. David J. Gunkel was the keynote speaker for “Identity, Agency, and the Digital Nexus”, April 2013, an international symposium hosted by Athabasca University. His talk challenged the audience to reframe and rethink the “human-machine” binary in 21st century understandings of ethics and agency.